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Daniel Mirabdolbaghi

Mr. Kelly

English 5

3rd September 2014

English Homework: Sentences

1. Do not prejudice against foreigners just because they dress different from you.

2. You are an admirable person, clearly one cannot expect you being bad.

3. I admire your participation in class but could you just keep it down a little?

4. I am very fortunate to have you here, without you, I would never be able to move all these packages

on my own.

5. That's unfortunate, but next time, make sure you study better, that will ensure you get the best grade.

6. That is ingenious, I would never think of that, you are brilliant.

7. Surely, if you had lived in a civilised country, you would realise that the argument is disagreeable.

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8. You are an amiable person, you could certainly not walk by a person without them noticing how

beautiful you are.

9. Be patient, he will be here in no time.

10. You're very impatient, you've only waited like two minutes; two minutes will not kill you.

11. Could you please verify if you got the email i sent yesterday, I really need to know if it

showed up in your inbox.

12. I'm going to elude that sport due to my broken knee, it would be dangerous for me at this moment,

maybe some other time when it's safer.

13. I am going to have to decline your application to this school, sorry, but you weren't competent.

14. There has been a serious decline in the number of elephants in the past ten years, their numbers are

decreasing, I reckon in twenty­five years, they will be extinct.

15. I detest her, she does not realise how badly her decisions impact me, she's so arrogant.

16. Don't you...