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Case Analysis Template

Case: Enterprise Rental-A-Car Student: Nicholette Gordon

Preliminary Step: Choose Your Role.

Determine which key character you want to be in the case. Choose a manager. You are learning to become a manager. Do not choose a customer. Conduct the entire analysis from the point of view of this character. Make sure that all of the alternative solutions you list (see below) are things from your role's perspective and things within the power of your character to do. If you don't have a name, identify a job title. Do not list alternatives that other people have; only list the options facing your chosen role. You are making your character's decisions and no one else's.

Identify your character: Owner

Step 1 - Identify the Problem/Opportunity.

The company needs to improve on marking.

Step 2 - Identify the Causes of the Problem/Opportunity.

The problem occurred because of earlier decisions to kick the business in a profitable position in 1962.

It occurs where ever there is an Enterprise rental established. It doesn't occur where people doesn't have knowledge of the company's motto or existence. The management should be effectively practicing pleasing the customer. The organization has failed in making the customers know how well the staff does please their customers.

Step 3 - List Alternative Solutions to the Problem (or ways to take advantage of the opportunity).

Proposed alternatives should be consistent with the problem(s)/opportunity(ies) and cause(s) identified. Develop at least three possible alternative solutions. You may list both short-term and long-term solutions. Though you might list information gathering (surveys, marketing research, a consultant, etc.) as an implementation step in Steps 5 and 6, please don't let information gathering be an alternative solution. List the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. (Note: Your alternative solutions must be things that...