Enviromental Problems in Britain - Anti Litter

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The amount of litter in British society is a major cause for concern. Whilst the unsightly aspect created by an area spoilt by litter is reason enough to crave the reduction of the amount of waste dropped unnecessarily, there are other, potentially more serious problems created by litter.

Many objects that are needlessly dropped present a very real danger to wildlife and other humans, for example plastic bags, wrapping and other containers which can ensnare a variety of animals, glass can cause serious injuries to humans and animals even aluminium cans can also trap and injure wildlife. There are many other items which, though may at first be considered to present little threat to wildlife can be just as much of a risk as non-biodegradable litter, for example people often consider that items like fruit or bread can pose no danger to wildlife but this sort of food litter can indeed produce a real danger to the health of animals that are not accustomed to the substances contained within the food.

In theory there are no excuses for any of us to drop litter. Some may think "it's just dropping a bit of rubbish" but in reality if we all thought like this, the streets would be knee deep in filth, and it is attitudes like this which cause areas to start to show signs of becoming rundown. Through littering people look into and see social standing and class, you do not see so much litter in more affluent areas of the town, but more litter is commonly found in and around council estates. However, why is it that more care to prevent littering is taken in the more prosperous areas of town? Litter is a problem throughout society, so a real effort is needed by local councils to get...