Environmental Impact on Bottled Water – A Marketing Problem for Aquafina

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This report will analyze the importance of the negative effects that bottled water brings into the world. There are many environmental concerns that take place in this world, and bottled water is contributing to a large portion of that. In this report, we analyzed facts, statistics, and general rationale to assist Pepsi-Co's Aquafina to make the world a healthier place. Over the last decade it is noted that Aquafina suffers from negative imagery from select customers concerned with its practices to the production of bottled water onto the environment. As mentioned, the evident environmental problems lie within 3 major ideas that are outlined in this report. First of all, it is shown that the production of bottled water results in an overindulgent use of energy and water. Next, it is revealed that there is a large cost associated with shipping and procurement costs which ultimately lead to the extreme emissions of fossil fuels and gas.

And finally, the mass generation of solid and plastic waste that polluted our environment with plastic bottles overpopulating our landfills. Ultimately, these findings will support Aquafina's motivation to whether or not accept or reject our proposal into making their decision.

INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEWBottled water has been integrated into the contemporary society. Today, we see an abundant number of bottled water throughout our daily routines; whether they are on the ground or people drinking from it. This topic is important for discussion because it raises levels of ethical awareness between consumers and the bottled water industry. For instance, in 2008 it's expected that the bottled water industry will produce revenues of 146.5 billion and will continue to grow by 4% each year following (IBISWorld, 2008). Because bottled water is such a cheap source, it is being sold at a cheap rate, in bulk, and with...