Environmental Scan

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Environmental Scan


This paper will depict research of the internal and external environments of Target Corporation and Cessna Aviation Company through environmental scanning. By performing a SWOT Analysis, a resolution of the competitive advantages will be made of both companies and the strategies that they are using. The environmental scan of these organizations will include information on how each one creates value and sustainability of competitive advantages through the use of business strategy. The paper will explain the measurement guidelines that the organizations use to verify their strategic effectiveness. The paper will also explain just how effective each company's use of their measurement guidelines is.


Target Corporation is the second most successful retailing company in the United States. While the company offers services in the credit card segment, its retail segment is probably the most recognizable one. Below is an S (strengths), W (weaknesses), O (opportunities) and T (threat) analysis of the company (Mbaskool, 2014)

SWOT Analysis


1. 365,000 employees 2. Well known 3. Strong customer base 4. Strong concession retailer

5. About1800 stores

6. Many subsidiaries


1. Past legal troubles affected its image

2. Weak international presence

3. Boring, no music

4. High Prices


1.Free trade

2. International expansion

3. Increase sale via internet

4. Leading product quality


1. Strong competitors 2. Government regulations

3. Environmental sustainability

(Mbaskool, 2014) Target Corporation is easily recognized by its famous red and white logo.

Since its foundation in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902, it operates now in every state with the exception of Vermont. Unlike Wal-Mart, the company was slow expanding over the United States borders. On March 04, 2009, Target broke the trend and started to venture internationally. Financially, the company is strong and is now listed...