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My name is David Wilson and I am a college student at Gannon University. I have never really been interested in arts but recently it has been brought to my attention. We took a day out of class to go visit the local art gallery and the whole class was later asked to write a review on a piece of work we seen there. Now I have never written an art review or for the most part a review at all. I have always read reviews online before I buy anything so I do very well understand how to write them. I am writing a review on "Fables, Foibles, and Fairy Tales" by Susan Read Cronin.

The process of lost wax casting with the cluttered playroom layout. This was the best show I have ever seen in my nineteen years of living in Erie. Cronin's work like "Boing!" implies little notions about art with its kinetic energy, sense of feeling, and overall fun.

The lost wax process leaves a rough smooth surface to these pieces which also helps carry a slight feature to them giving them the feel of something totally handmade, no smoothness here, no machined parts.

When my mom and I walked into the gallery and saw "Boing!" the first piece, I started talking about the statement on the American economy it was making, bulls versus bears. My mother waited until I was done and then said, "Or maybe it's just supposed to be cute." She told me that im always looking for a way to trash our government. She told me that I needed to understand that it is art and you have to respect it for that. So if you're someone who just enjoys life, you can go in and enjoy the show for what...