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Running Head: Summary and Assessment of Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Summary and Assessment of Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

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The world of social media is increasing by all leaps and bounds and today it has become the most significant feature of the modern day business. It is no longer restricted to be a platform where friends may share and tag photos, share status and many other hangouts. Perhaps the hidden arsenal of social media is best discovered today when its presence can either make or break any aspect of life. Appreciating Social media as a common platform for friends as well as business ventures, Qualman writes his books socialnomics which appreciates the fact that social media may be an effective tool that may in turn impact upon the business economy of the world.


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Summary and Assessment of Socialnomics by Erik Qualman


Social Media is a platform where many users from different parts of the world engage themselves and connect with others for the purpose of communication. Infact, it is a term of 'one size fits all' and thus is fruitful for social and business purposes. Speaking of business, social media is a stage where up to date content may be discovered. Socialnomics does a good job of presenting high level analysis and practical impact sandwiched by stories that marketers can appreciate. The key points bulleted out after each chapter are handy and I recommend reading them before you read the actual chapters (Aced, 2010, 50-51).


Erik Qualman also known as Digital...