this essay is about amanda's failures in the book "The Glass Menagerie"

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Amanda's failures

Who is a good parent? Good parent is a responsible parent that cares for her children. Good parent is a parent that does not think negative about his or her family. The play The Glass Menagerie by sir Tennessee Williams is about a family that does not live in real world. Each character in the play has his or her own world. Amanda the mother of Tom and Laura lives in a fantasy world and she avoids reality. Amanda fails as a mother because she avoids reality, she is annoying and she likes to control her children as if they are little kids.

Amanda always avoids reality and she lives in a dream world. For example, Amanda avoids reality by talking constantly about her past. "One Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain-your mother received-seventeen! -gentlemen callers!" (8) Amanda's talking about her past shows that she has not grown up and she thinks that she still lives in Blue Mountain.

She also shows that she is not happy with her life and she rather live in her past. Amanda avoids reality by not accepting the fact that Laura does not have any gentleman callers. "What? No one-not one? You must be joking! Not one Gentleman caller? It can't be true!" (10) That shows Amanda cannot agree that her daughter Laura is not popular, she thinks that her daughter is like her self and will receive seventeen gentlemen callers. Another example for Amanda avoiding reality is that she cannot accept that Laura is crippled. "Don't say crippled! You know that I never allow that word to be used." (47) That shows Amanda does not see Laura as a crippled person and she thinks that there is nothing wrong about Laura's feet. Amanda is living in her dream world and she...