Essay - Antony and Cleopatra - In Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, it is Octavius Caesar who emerges as the most powerful figure throughout the play. Discuss. (Approx. 1200 - 1500 words)

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In the play Antony and Cleopatra, Caesar is the character who emerges as the most powerful figure throughout the play, although ultimately it is Antony and Cleopatra who end up possessing the majority of the power over Octavius Caesar. These types of power include manipulative, sexual, political and military.

Cleopatra uses sexual and manipulative power to acquire what she wants. For instance "You did know how much you were my conqueror, and that my sword, made weak by my affection would obey it on all cause" in act 3 scene 11. Before this comment was made Antony was mad at Cleopatra, after it he says "Fall not a tear, I say, one of them rates, all that is won and lost. Give me a kiss" This emphasizes how Cleopatra's manipulative power is so strong that it can dominate even Antony.

Also sexual power is evident amongst Cleopatra throughout the play.

Enobabus uses blank verse and dialogue to explain lines 200-253 of Act 2 Scene 2 where he tells how her power is even blessed by priests. This is shown in the personification on line 204 where Enobabus says "The winds were lovesick with them" which shows that sexual promise is worn down to the Romans and strong power can be sensed.

Even though Cleopatra is seen as a powerful woman, Caesar's power is largely seen as greater. For example the dialogue in Act 5 Scene 2 where Cleopatra says "Know you what Caesar means to do with me". This quote shows how Cleopatra has given in to Caesar's power. to get this point Caesar uses political power. An example of this is when military imagery is used in an Act 5 Scene 2 to show that Proculeius is one of high military power. This military power is gained...