This is a essay arguing the points of legalization of protitution. It explains why it should be legalized, and has a breif histroy on the topic.

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Prostitution has been called "the world's oldest profession". It has also been said that prostitution is as old as the world. In the simplest of definitions, prostitution is nothing but a contract between consenting people. This contract is for one or more individuals to provide sex to another in exchange for payment. It has also been observed between animals; in chimpanzees and in penguins.

Prostitution used to be quite common in the upper classes of more traditional societies, like traditional Europe, England, South-America, and even the American South. In all of the cases, respectable women were not encouraged to be too expert or knowledgeable about sex. It was widely considered more convenient if husbands who could afford it, went looking for it somewhere else. That way, their wives remained respectable in all senses of the word. In Victorian England, it was quite popular. In this society, sex was repressed.

In my opinion, prostitution should be legalized. I believe this would decrease many problems such as STD's. If prostitution were legalized and regulated, the prostitutes could be tested regularly and if they tested positive they could receive treatment. They could also have their license suspended or expelled for not practicing safe sex. Many prostitutes are also heavy drug users. By regulating them the drug users might stop using drugs. Possibly they would stop just because they would be worried about getting caught. Many today do not even worry about getting aids. But with regulation, the prostitutes would be regularly tested and would be required to use condoms which would cut down considerably on the spread of infectious diseases. Regulating the prostitutes may even reduce the number of underage prostitutes. With legal aged prostitutes safely available, maybe people would hopefully stay away from the under-aged or un-licensed prostitutes. Also, if...