It is an essay on the biography of Mary Todd Lincoln.

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Mary Todd was born in 1818, to Eliza Parker and Robert Todd. Mary's mother died around 1825 when Mary was just seven. Her father remarried. Mary remembers her childhood as desolate. She had private schooling. She was 5' 2", She had blue eyes, long lashes, light brown hair and a nice complection. She danced gracefully and loved finery.

At the age of twenty-one she moved to Springfield, Illinois to live with her sister, Ms Ninian Edwards. This is where she meet Abe Lincoln. They were ingaged to be married and then broke it off, but do to a storm they both went to the same place to get out of the storm and got back together and were married that night. On November 4,1842. They had four sons Thomas, Edward, Willie and Robert.

Lincolns single term in congress gave Mary time to spend with the childern, and work on her social status.

Her faith in her husbandfinally paid off when he won his election for presidentcey in 1860. Her postition as presidents wife fulfilled her high social ambitions. As the civle war draged on southners called her a trator to her birth, and societies loyal to the Union suspected her of treason.

She became less social after her son Willies death in 1862. Her husbands assassanation in 1865 shattered Mary. The next seventeen years yeld nothing but sorrow. With her son Thomas she traveled in search of health, tortured by her financial situation. She slipped into a world of her own. A sad, misunderstood and tragic woman, she passed away in 1882 at her sisters home in Springfield.