An essay comparing contemporary music concerning their themes and also an analysis of their poetic conventions.

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Drugs are a problem clearly evident in our society with millions of people world wide addicted to various fatal drugs. Drug addiction can affect people of all ages and eventually lead to crime, poverty and even death. Two songs that deal with the issue of drug addiction are 'Carousel' by Linkin Park and 'Just' by Radiohead. Both these songs take a difference stance on the issue as 'Carousel' positions us to feel sympathetic towards drug addicts as it tells the story of both a male and females uncontrollable battle with drugs. Whilst 'Just' positions us to feel unsympathetic towards drug addicts as it conveys that drug addiction is a problem brought solely upon one's self. The poetic techniques of; metaphors, persona, tone, selection of detail are used by both songs to address the issue of drug addiction.

'Carousel' positions us to feel sympathetic towards drug addicts, as they have used emotive metaphors to express the feelings of addicts.

The first line goes as follows; "She can't hide no matter how hard she tries. / Her secret disguise behind all the lies." This metaphor shows us that the character in the song is heavily dependent on drugs and although she has tries to withdraw from drug use it has not been successful. It also reveals that she has been hiding away reality and pretending life is okay when it really isn't. Another line that also contributes to this is; "All she wants to do is get rid of this hell. / Well all she's got to do is stop kidding herself." This metaphor makes a strong comparison to the characters life and hell and this gives us added insight to the pain that is being felt. All of these metaphors encourage us to feel sympathetic towards drug addicts as it illustrates...