The essay contains a description of "Harry Potter's" school books: Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. There's also a letter to the author of the books.

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Quidditch Through the Ages

The book is about Harry Potter's favorite sport - Quidditch. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, Professor Snape confiscated this library book from Harry. Rowling wrote the book as though it were the same book Harry Potter took from the library (Harry's name is written in the borrowers list on the inside of the first page). It tells about the evolution of Quidditch, the evolution of the flying broomsticks, Quidditch rules and details about some of the strongest Quidditch teams today.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In the Harry Potter series, this book belongs to Harry and his best friend, Ron Weasley. Rowling wrote this book as though it is the original book owned by Harry and Ron (Harry and Ron's handwritten remarks can be found scribbled throughout the book). The Book is separated into two parts. The first is an explanation of fantastic beasts in general - how Muggles (non-magical people) don't see the fantastic beasts, which creatures are defined as "Fantastic beasts" and how wizards and witches should treat fantastic beasts.

The second part is an A-Z glossary of all the fantastic beasts; their sizes, where they can be found, how dangerous they are and how you should behave if confronted by them.

A letter from Harry Potter to Kennilworthy Whisp, the author of "Quidditch Through the Ages"

Dear Mr. Whisp,

As a great fan of Quidditch, I enjoyed reading your book "Quidditch Through the Ages" very much. I always wanted to know how the sport of Quidditch developed because I grew up in a family of muggles who never talked with me about magical stuff. Actually, they locked me in my room if I dared talk about magical things.

I learned more about my role in Quidditch,