This essay is about an excert called "Speeches that Satisfy" by Jane Tully and talks about the nessesary techneqes that one would need to become a sussesful speechwriter.

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Many speechwriters would say that it is very difficult to keep an audience focused and entertained during a speech. When performing a speech there are a number of important details about an audience that one must know in preparation of performing a speech. When a speechwriter knows these details he must prepare a speech that has some relationship to the audience. This will help a speech writer grab the attention of the audience and keep them focusing on the speech. According to "Speeches that Satisfy" by Jane Tully, there are three important techniques that will help one be a good speechwriter, which are using the right information, sticking to the topic, and knowing the audience.

In order to write an effective speech one must use the right information. A speechwriter wants to reinforce their message and make their speech clear. To do so one might want to add good quotes and anecdotes.

This will also help support the main idea. Humor is also a great way to keep the audience focused and interested in what the speechwriter has to say. Try to make a speech as effective and memorable as possible because one would want listeners to remember and talk to others about the speech. Also, only use ideas that support the main idea. If the idea does not support the main idea then just throw it away no matter how fascinating. Try to keep a speech less than twenty minutes because after twenty minutes most audiences tend to get distracted or just downright bored. But, if the speech is going to be more than twenty minutes then use a video clip or interactive exercise to keep the entertained. In order to write an effective speech one would have to use the right information.

A second technique that will...