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"Born On The Fourth Of July" is an extremely realistic

portrayal of one American's changing beliefs and faith in

his country. Tom Cruise plays Ron Kovic, an excited young

American ready to serve his country. After experiencing the

war firsthand, Ron's views and feelings regarding the war

change drastically. The movie opens up in the beginning of

Ron Kovic's life, as he experiences his childhood. He's a

boy who loves his country, and longs to fight for it, but as

the movie progresses, the love fades, or does it? In the

end we are left with a man who loves his country, just as

much as he did as a boy. What makes this movie the best

Vietnam war movie ever made, is Oliver Stone with his

technical genius, Ron Kovic's awe-inspiring story, and the

harsh reality that is brought to light.

Oliver Stone is himself a Vietnam veteran, so he knows

the reality of it. As I recently watched this movie, with a

technical eye, I noticed a lot of new things. For one,

Stone shot the movie using three different shades of colors.

Those colors represent America, in red, white and blue.

What is really amazing about "Born on the Fourth of July,"

is it's really the experience of the people, and the

soldiers who felt these decisions from the bottom up. Stone

brought the trauma of being a soldier into the hearts of

everyone who saw the film. The camera in each period of

Kovic's life, takes on a new form. In the beginning of the

film, the camera is more steady, but things move fast around

it, a lot like the way growing up is, it all happens so

fast. Then once in Vietnam, the camera...