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Social World

Identify your generalized social world: Social World is people or thing that can be thought of as groupings of individual who are bound together through networks of communication whether the members are geographically proximate or not and through the sharing of important symbols. My generalized social world consists of my mother, father, sister, and some friends. I look to my parents as being my guide throughout life, because we have shared some similar experiences. I look up to my sister, because we are just one year and eleven months apart. I love the bond that my sister and I share.

CONCRETE CONDITION: Concrete conditions are our physical environment.

Concrete conditions that I have in my social world that are important to me are my car and my family.

PHYSICAL MATERIAL OBJECTS: Physical material objects would be living and non living. My Nissan Sentra is a physical material object in my world.

SOCIAL OBJECTS: Social objects are living things, for me my social objects would be my family besides my family I can say that I have many social objects that play a big part in my life.

SPIRITUAL OBJECTS: Spiritual objects can be an icon or a symbol a few spiritual objects that I have is my Holy Bible. My mother gave me a Bible for my baptism, and I also have a promise book, which is a bible that I read daily for strength.

ABSTRACT CONDITIONS: Abstract conditions are observable and non observable.

NORMATIIVE STRUCTURE: Normative structure is interconnection and integration of rules and regulations when to do it with who to do it. In High School I ran track, my father taught me mainly most of my techniques. The coaches didn't really teach me anything, they only had me lifting weights, which I didn't do. My...