This is an essay about Indian Removal, it is written from the point of view of someone during the 1800's

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Indian Removal

During the early nineteenth century, there was great dispute over the morality and legality of the government's decision to force the Native Americans off their land. Throughout the attempt to gain more land from the Indians, the government made many treaties and agreements. Even though they had numerous treaties, the Indians and the American Government never seemed to be able to hold them. The Americans still just pushed the Indians further and further west until they were eventually forced to just live on reservations. This has led to nothing but resentment from the Indians toward the Americans. All of this unfortunate confrontation could have been avoided if the Americans were just a little more accepting and open minded towards the Indians and their culture.

The Americans were close minded towards the Indians culture and didn't give them a chance. They called the Indians "savages" and untrustworthy and didn't even try to accept their culture and way of life.

When we invaded, they were nothing but helpful to us. If it weren't for them, we probably would not have been able to learn to survive in America. After they helped us survive we turned around and stole their land. After a few centuries, we have managed to set up a government and states and a civilization of our own, all on land that we stole from the Indians. Now, we have forced them off the little bit of their land that they had left in this country and all they have left are a few small reservations. The fact that we can now call them untrustworthy is utterly ridiculous. We are the ones who actually should be considered untrustworthy. They also had complex civilizations set up for a long time before we came and...