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David Lloyd George, was born in Manchester on 17th January, 1863. David's father, a schoolmaster, died a year after he was born and his mother took her two children to live with her brother, Richard Lloyd, a shoemaker in Llanystumdwy, Caernarvonshire.

Lloyd George joined the local Liberal Party and became an alderman on the Caernarvon County Council. He took part in several political campaigns including one that attempted to bring an end to church tithes(a tenth part of the annual produce of ones land or of ones annual income paid to support the church or clergy) . Lloyd George was also a strong supporter of land reform. As a young man he had read books on the need to tackle this issue. He had also been impressed by pamphlets written by George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb of the Fabian Society on the need to tackle the issue of land ownership.

In 1890 Lloyd George was selected as the Liberal candidate for the Caernarvon Borough constituency. A by-election took place later that year when the sitting Conservative MP died. Lloyd George fought the election on a program which called for religious equality in Wales, land reform, the local veto in granting licenses for the sale of alcohol, graduated taxation and free trade. Lloyd George won the seat by 18 votes and at twenty-seven became the youngest member of the House of Commons.

Lloyd George's dramatic public speaking soon brought him to the attention of the leaders of the Liberal Party in the House of Commons. However, it was felt he was too radical and they suspected that he would lose his seat in the 1900 General Election because of his opposition to the Boer War. However, in Caernarvon he was seen as the most important figure in Parliament defending...