Essay about Money and the love and want for money in "Rocking Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence

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The Love for Money

"Show me the money!", the famous Hollywood phrase, simply states the feeling for all people in the world. For it is safe to say that money is one of the most prized possessions to most everyone. The idea of money is huge, extravagant, and because of its great significance to the world, money is extremely powerful. Money is just as important to people in the United States as it is to Japan, or The Middle East, or Australia, or London, or anywhere else in the world. Being so worldly, important, and powerful, money is strongly apparent in the day to day lives of all people on earth, for money can be found in nearly all aspects of life. Money is often found in literature. In the short story, "The Rocking Horse Winner", by D.H. Lawrence, money is a very important factor because the family in the story always longs for more money.

They feel that they are always in dire need of cash because one, they think money will bring them love, and two, because they do not want to admit that their family cannot love each other.

The family in this short story constantly wants money because they think money will bring them love. The family is very materialistic and tries spending a great portion of their money on the way they want others to view them. They look like high-class citizens to their neighborhood. The father of the family works endlessly in an office, and the family has been plagued with gamblers for a long time. As one can clearly see the family has always found money to be greatly desirable. They long for money so badly because they think it will bring them love. For example, the young son in the...