An essay on the novel Mosquito Coast written by Paul Theroux, which discuss the setting of Hatfield and how Theroux creates a believable start to his thrilling novel.

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In the novel Mosquito Coast we the readers are taken on a vast trip across farming country, an ocean and to a vast land covered in substantial jungle. But for every end there is a beginning, and in this novel the foundation is laid in a small town called Hatfield Massachusetts. Here is where the story begins and where the idealistic character Allie Fox is supplied with the right fuel to begin is eccentric journey of trial and error. Sir Isaac Newton stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The reaction in this situation is Allie Fox leaving Hatfield with his family and moving to Honduras. The cause in this instance is not Hatfield itself but the corruption, the poverty and the conflict present between Allie and one of his "inferiors" (20). Paul Theroux utilizes his knowledge of geography and combines it with his creative abilities to sculpt the perfect foundation for his novel.

Giving him a variety of compelling choices from which to start Allies journey.

In our present day society we live our day-to-day lives with the struggle of making enough wealth to live comfortably and be granted the capacity to support our family. To do this we work almost half of our existence at one or many different jobs just to carry on. Sometimes people formulate the wrong conclusion on about how to do this so that they may shorten or decrease the present percentage. This is where corruption is formed. In Hatfield the main source of economic growth is farming and where there is money to be made there are honest and immoral ways of having it fill your pocket. One man, Tiny Polski has taken it upon himself to make money unlawfully and because of this we are introduced to...