THis essay pertains to the effects of our economy, if we do not take affirmative action to help minorites gain college educations.

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There are many socioeconomic factors that will determine the future of Texas, but in this paper I will focus on education. Right now Texas is still a majority Anglo populated state, but in the next few years that will change and start a pattern that will alter Texas history forever. The goal is to keep Texas moving towards a positive economic trend. However, the problem is finding a way to encourage a larger representation of our Latino population to attain a higher education, because in twenty years they will account for over 50% of Texas. As I began this paper, my biggest concern was the conclusion of the State Demographer's study that shows that by 2040 over 50% of all college students will be Latino. (Refer to figure 10.5). This information contradicts the reason I am writing this paper. Without having the actual projected population numbers for 2040, I am offering this theory for my paper: (The total population growth of Latino's in Texas is continually not representing the total population enrolled in colleges.)

So even though by 2040 Latino's will outnumber all other ethnic groups in college, it will still show a significant difference among their population. Whereas, Anglo's tend to have a higher representation of their population in college, therefore still outnumbering their Latino counterparts in professional and executive positions for at least twenty years past the (2040) projection in the study.

In past decades, the Texas labor force has exceeded the expectations the national government has placed on Texas. That is it has increased greatly. If the Texas population continues to grow as it is expected to in the next several decades, we can expect a less educated work force that will have increased by at least 100%. Out of these estimates there will...