An essay which responds to the question of peer pressure. It is written in the first person and should not be used outside of lit 1001

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Askia Roberts

Professor Mallory

AMIR 1001

February 15, 2005

I never really cared about what people thought. My confidence, immaturity, and ignorance kept me blind to what others thought of me. This quickly changed, as I got older. Out of sheer boredom I begin weight training and after about six months I started to notice a change in the way people treated me. It was never always the same but indeed different. People paid attention to me more. Out of their analysis the comments that transpired were shocking. From my family I would hear, "I know you are probably involved with a lot of woman, just wear a condom and don't bring home any babies". On the surface that seems to be normal, but I never received that treatment from anyone. I was the nerd. I was usually described as quiet and with a very innocent personality. My friends and associates now described as the ladies man, but this could not be further from the truth.

It was now harder for any body to take me serious including women. Every body I met for the first time assumed I played football. When I realized this I knew I was perceived as the dumb jock. My occupation did not help either. I was a lifeguard and aerobic instructor. Of course this added to the perceptions.

I had mixed emotions about the way people perceived but overtime I began to use this to my advantage. I noticed when I let people assume I was the dumb jock they seem to be very impressed of what I assumed to be natural common sense and average intelligence. So when people made comments that were bred out of this stereotype I just laughed it with a comment that neither confirmed and negated it.