Ethical Standards and Technology in the Workplace

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There are many areas in which technology affects our lives in the workplace. The high-level of ethical standards at Delta Airlines goes hand-in-hand with technology. In order for Delta to maintain a high-level of ethical standards Delta relies on technology to assist them in their goal. The use of the internet is mandatory for a company that is as large and diverse as Delta but what is available to be viewed is regulated by technology. The use of e-mail is also a necessity to communicate effectively between coworkers but is also monitored by using technology. Through the use of technology Delta Airlines can monitor its employees to ensure that theft is not a problem at work.

Technology in the Workplace

Internet and Technology

The internet is used at Delta Airlines for many different applications. The main use of the internet is for the sharing of information. With Delta being such a large company spread out across the world the only way to communicate efficiently and effectively is via the internet.

The internet is also used to assist employees in their daily job duties. The internet can also infect the computers with viruses that could do great damage to Delta's business. The internet can also be used to view "questionable" material that is inappropriate to view while at work.

For these two main reasons Delta Airlines uses a technology that blocks the web address and prevents the employee from gaining access to the site in question. The computer will tell the employee that authorization is required to view this site. If the employee has a legitimate reason for accessing the blocked site then he or she can request that the site be accessible and must prove that the site is necessary for the employee to do his or her job. The...