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Ethics play a huge part in society especially when talking about the law. Through philosophy and theory morals are justified to what the difference between good, bad or right and wrongs are. It is important to know the differences to create an honest and fair system. The morals or judgments within our justice system are to help keep a civilized society. Through codes of ethics and rules of professional responsibilities the system maintains a consistent, honest responsibility to society. Where dealing with making laws, the question reappears to what is moral and if the outcome is justifiable? Laws are made due to individual's decisions and actions that were deemed to be immoral resulting in fair and moral consequences.

Today's society is not aimed towards the good morality, instead it has become a "me" society. People are thinking of "me, me, me" rather than thinking of the good of others.

In our society it is found acceptable for an athletic superstar to be caught with an illegal drug, in return the judicial system places the athlete on probation in which the school still allows him to actively return and participate in his sport. This is a true example of how people today in our society live their dreams, through popular beliefs. People idolize immoral sport stars instead of holding them in a higher regard towards the common everyday persons, a hardworking, minimum wage every day citizen who like everyone else is trying to make an honest living to get ahead in their life. Through characteristics of ethics, society has created a system of cause and effect. Where our society, is open for people to make the right decisions or the wrong ones. There are opportunities, where in a persons decision is always relying on whether it is good or bad?...