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Analysis of Ethics Awareness Inventory

In today's world it is all too prevalent to see more and more people hungry to gain success at an ever-increasing rate. Modern culture can and indeed is labeled greedy and thoughtless. I believe that if it were easy to be ethical all the time, ethics would be a very small area of study. So what does the word ethical mean? To me, it is to take into account every aspect involved in any given situation, peoples' feelings, thoughts and well-being, both now and in the future, and act as best one can to achieve the most satisfactory outcome for all concerned. From my viewpoint, acting in an ethical manner comes from each and every individual, each having learned from the environment in which they have grown and developed. Should the judgment, therefore, always be left to the individual? This is certainly not the case, as more and more organizations in the business world develop codes of ethics that they expect each member to follow.

When acting within a certain environment, be it local, national or global, the organization must be seen to be socially acceptable. I believe this idea of control of the organization's self-interest together with maintaining a good standing in the public eye to be the main factor for preparing these ethical codes. Both of these can only be achieved through clearly defined codes of ethics from which individuals' roles can conform through a manner of standardization.

The organizational view maintains that moral responsibility cannot properly be assigned either to a corporation, or to the agents of a corporation when they act as corporate agents. Therefore, we have to determine whether it is the organization that acts, the management or the people. If I am to be held accountable for my...