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Columbus: The Voyage

Columbus was a very courageous man. He believed that he could travel such a long distance and find a better route to China and decided to do just that. He was a determined man that felt that once he put his mind to something nothing could stop him. I do give him credit for having found America, although it was just luck. From my knowledge even after it was realized that he hadn't landed in China, Columbus kept looking for things that could prove that what he had found was after all a different route to China. It seems that he was so focused on finding this route that he didn't even care about having discovered something totally new, to the Spaniards at least. His voyage brought great changes to what we now know as America. Due to his voyage much of what was Native American about America would soon be taken by the Spaniards.

Soon after his discovery much of the lands riches were taken. Natives were taken as slaves and put to work, and there religion was soon also taken from them. Spanish churchman saw Columbus' discovery as a perfect chance to convert. Christopher Columbus in my opinion is somewhat praised far more than he deserves. Overall Columbus' discovery was what caused the creation of what America is today. The only reason I don't like it is the fact that he stumbled into America and from my point of view was not necessarily thrilled to have found America because he was more focused on proving that it was China.

Luther and the Protestant Reformation

The Protestant reformation was caused by a rebellion in the 1600's. At first the middle class felt that their church was no more than another power that ruled over them. They...