How European expansion and colonial rule has affected or contributed to the social, economic, or ecological problems of Kenya

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Europeans have colonised many countries around the world, Africa's entity was entirely colonised. I will concentrate on Kenya and use this as an example of how all African nations have suffered and now endure the social, economic and ecological problems of today.

Historically, in the 1880s Africa was divided between the European countries. Europeans in the 19th century sought industrialisation, as it was a major trend in their advancing world. Factories in Europe required raw materials to be manufactured into marketable products. As a result, Europeans required both a source of raw materials, as well as a market for manufactured goods in Africa. This economic motivation played a large role in the colonisation of Africa. The British East African Protectorate was established in 1895 and a railway system was built opening up the country for colonisation1. Anti-colonialist feeling extended amongst the African people leading to discontent and revolts by ethnic Kenyan tribes.

During 1914 to1918, four years prior the First World War, coffee growing began on a large scale in Kenya. In 1920, Kenya officially became a British colony. The British changed Kenya's traditional tribal life and developed new laws for the Natives. The Europeans brought about security to the African nations but took away their curiosity to explore the continent. With the new colonisation, the Kenyans did not have to worry about health, food, nor shelter. In spite of these benefits, the Kenyans would have been better off standing their ground to deny the Europeans permission to build on their land as it would have preserved tribal mentality and more importantly their freedom. The main purpose for Europeans settling in African countries are the great geographic diversity that Africa offers in terms of natural resources, topography, climate, vegetation, and precipitation2. The British colonial powers utilised Kenya and thus led...