Europeans Conquering America

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I inferred that the main reasons why the Americas were conquered were because of their lack of technology and their philosophy about life. The thing that was one of the biggest differences between the two was the fact that the Europeans had big domestic animals. That played a very important role in the conquering and I never stopped to think about it. Animals never have a real important role nowadays, but back then before cars, the Europeans relied on horses to get them places. The technology of weapons, agriculture, and tools were much more advanced in Europe than in the Americas. This was something that I knew because in past readings the Indians shown in pictures never had armor, steel swords, guns, or any of that type of metals. They had spears, bows and arrows, and a lot of wooden weapons. In Europe the agriculture was much more advanced, so therefore they had a more wide variety of foods to choose from than the natives did.

This was also due to animal power and the tilling of land, which I never stopped to think of. The Europeans culture overall was much more modern than the Native Americans. Most of the Europeans were literate and could read, but literacy was reserved for a select group in Native American society. I did not know this, but it would be more helpful to the Europeans because they can communicate faster and more efficiently than the Natives because most of them can read and write.

When some things are not important to most people in our everyday lives, I don't really stop to consider if those things would relate to the people in past years. It did not at all cross my mind that the horses were a...