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We think that Euthanasia should not be legalized. For those who don't know, Euthanasia is the release (killing) of someone who is mentally ill or has a painful and/or incurable disease. Other names for Euthanasia are mercy killings and assisted suicide. There are two kinds of Euthanasia, passive and active. Passive means to let a patient die because of lack of treatment like taking them off of machines, or cutting food and medicine off. Passive is legal in most places, but that still doesn't make it right. With passive the family usually gets to decide to pull the plug, that gives the person in the bed no choice so it disobeys there freedom. Active Euthanasia is done by a physician who takes action to induce death. For instance, he might over dose morphine followed by an injection of eurare.

One of the most popular users of euthanasia was a man named Dr.

Kavorkian. He made machines in order to help people murder themselves. Even though his patients signed releases and everything it was still illegal and he is now in prison on the charge of murder. There are other sick people like Dr. Kavorkian. It was once customary to in India to throw elders into the Ganges River. In ancient Sardinia, old men were clubbed to death by there own sons. In the Soviet Union and Poland it is legal. In Sparta ill infants are killed. Luckily there still are groups that opose of it like the Christians, Judists and Islams.