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Fight Back

Death. It is something we cannot control or stop, no matter the circumstance. What if we can though, if we chose to? If it was legal because we were suffering and knew we were going to die soon anyway. This is called euthanasia, or "the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit." This is their own benefit, their own choice, their own freedom. No one is making them do it, and if it is their wish to leave the world that way, then it should be legal. Euthanasia shouldn't be looked at as 'assisted suicide,' but it puts some out of their misery, frees up medical funds to help others, and it's freedom of choice.

Imagine: laying in a hospital bed, in excruciating pain. Some incurable disease has taken over all your organs. You've lost the will to fight.

All you want is for the pain to go away, and if that means being given medicine to put you to rest, so be it. Patients all around the world deal with this everyday, but they have to cope with the pain. A survey was taken from 66 dying cancer patients in 2007, and they were asked if they were for or against euthanasia (Karlsson). Although 51% were undecided, there were more pro (29%) than con (20%). These results show that even the patients would rather be put to rest than suffer one more day with unbearable pain. How is that wrong to help someone who can no longer help themselves? It's not wrong. Euthanasia is an easy and peaceful way out, instead of having to let the disease decide when it will take you.

Next, euthanasia could potentially save money for the healthcare system and the patients'...