Euthanasia and why it should be legal.

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Euthanasia: Proper Medical Procedure

Imagine being trapped in a hospital bed, with all sorts of medical equipment hooked to

you, unable to move or do much of anything. You are in pain and all you want, is to be unplugged

from the machines, so you can go home to your own bed, and die in peace. However, the doctors

refuse to even consider doing this because they know it will lead to instant death. Being doctors,

they believe they are there to save not to kill. Considering the amount of pain many people are in

before they die, how much time they spend in the hospital, and the self respect they lose,

euthanasia should be legal.

Euthanasia, do you know what it is? Euthanasia is another term for doctor assisted

suicide, a Greek word that means easy death. Euthanasia is an easy way to die without going

through the grief and anguish that comes along with the disease or illness you may have.

It is

usually painless and what the patient wants to end their misery. The person can be hooked up to a

"death machine" in which they are given a poison or drug. First, they are given something to put

them to sleep. Next, the lethal drug is administered, which ends their life. In some reported cases

it has taken up to twenty minutes for the patient to die but, they felt almost nothing. Often the

person is simply given a prescription drug and told to overdose on it, so the doctor does not get in


There are certainly times when euthanasia is a proper medical procedure and times it is

absolutely wrong. The patient definitely needs to be a legal adult. People can't choose to die by

euthanasia just because they are depressed or whatever the...