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Axia College of University of PhoenixToday the way we get jobs and the way we do our jobs are completely different then a century ago. In this day and age hard work is appreciated in many different ways then it was in the olden days. Technology is a huge resource that has made our companies today stronger. There are machines that will help our laborers in factories not have to work as hard as they used too. Companies these days are finding more efficient and cost effective ways to get jobs done easier and faster.

Formal organization in the past were more religion or family based. Most formal organizations did not have a future plan in their success. This would cause companies to be inefficient because their work ethics were always the same as the generation before them. In the past organizations did not have the technology that we have today.

They solely relied on each other to make sure the jobs were being completed. People also did not have accountants or people that over saw their finances to make sure they were spending money wisely.

Formal organizations have standards today of how they want their businesses ran. Most companies today have policies, procedures, rules, and regulations to run a successful business.

Bureaucratic organizations today run with different types of supervision over all employees. Most have their administration and their board of directors at the top that make most important decisions for the company. Then they have the supervisors for all of the different departments within the company. Then some companies have people that are called team leaders that watch over the employees in their department when the supervisor has some where else they need to be. Companies that have this structure in their business make them feel that they...