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It is no surprise Americans have tipped the scales, literally, in a bad direction. The desire for good tasting food, especially if it is salty and/or sweet, appeals to people's taste buds. Americans have acquired a sense of taste, smell, and the texture of foods from an early age. The sensory responses are influenced by a number of variables, such as the metabolic and genetic traits handed to them when they are born. As these infants get older, many more factors will draw them in to the fast food frenzy, which will soon become an almost impossible habit to break. Children respond in a positive way to good tasting food.

Many children do not eat vegetables, certain meats, and starches, because they are either bland or bitter. Give them something salty or sweet, and then suddenly they cannot get enough of it. Parents will do whatever it takes to provoke their children to eat, and if adding or giving children salty or sugary foods does the trick, then parents accept the fact that their children are dictating their menu.

It would be foolish to think the entrepreneurs in the fast food markets are not aware of this fact. The evolution of marketing and the businessmen involved in the market are counting on it.

Many of the marketing industries today are fully aware of this fact, and they take advantage of it by enticing the children by drawing them closer to the fast food chains that are ready and willing to take on the booming business.

Fast food chains have been enticing children with larger than life characters, like Ronald McDonald, playgrounds, toys, and games, for a long time. Children have been active consumers in these marketing gimmicks. Children have familiarized themselves with popular choices of foods and snacks, and it...