Examining the reasons for variations in policy and procedural practices within different organizations

Essay by jamesfowl February 2005

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Throughout the business world there is a wide range of companies in a number of different industries. Each company will have a set of general rules that they abide to. This general set of rules and procedures the company follow is determined by a number of different polices employed within the organisation. There is a wide range of policies that are used from recruitment and selection policy, in employing new staff right through to disciplinary policy, when dealing with warning or even dismissal.

Policy and procedures are set out and enforced by the Human Resource Manager and department. Therefore to understand why there are reasons for variations in policy between different organisations it is important to understand what human resource management (HRM) is and that Human resource departments can have different structures within different organisations. In this piece of work I will examine and explain all these points placing a clear emphasis on factors that explain reasons for variations.

As its Human resources that create company policy it's important to understand that Human resource management can be defined as: 'The responsibility of using and developing the organisation's personnel in the most productive way.' (Nancy Wall et al 2000). It has also been defined as 'The setting up, monitoring, and facilitating processes that select, assess, and assign people to appropriate roles in the project.'


With these definitions in mind it raises the first issue relating to variations in policy. This issue is that the policies vary because the organisation varies. For example it's noted that staff need to be used and developed in the most productive way and there needs to be the facilitating of processes to select, assess, and assign people to appropriate roles in the project but how can this be the same in every organisation as they...