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Tears ran out of her eyes as she said goodbye to her family... All began one year ago, as she read in the newspaper about the organization which makes students exchanges to the whole world. There was written about the perfect English knowledge of the students who got back and the nice experience the teenagers had. They learned much new stuff about the food and the different way of life of the other country.

She read the newspaper each times and looked also in the internet about different organizations and, as she had enough information, she went down to her parents. She went down to her parents, as the time they were watching TV, and threw the papers on the table. "I want to fly to America! The land of the free and the home of the brave." Yeah that sounded great. They looked at her and said she should come again later.

But Maria did not change the opinion about that and so the great adventure had begun.

First she filled out the thirty pages of her profile, where it was asked about her name her teachers' name and much more things.

The days went away and she had meeting with the organization and the "Old meets new" meeting where returned ex-change students meet new ones'. It was all very interesting for her and met much people who had very interesting adventures in countries over the whole world.

And as the time of her leaving comes nearer and nearer, she got an email with the name "Hello from host family". She was very excited about her family who lives 5000miles over the ocean; because it depends on her family if her stay would be nice or horrible. But as she read the paper she felt better and better...