Executing All Four Functions of Management through Delegation

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Delegation is a technique by which managers examine the various responsibilities and tasks and decides to assign the work to others, rather than completing all of the tasks on his/her own. It's a skill that requires confidence and one that encompasses analysis, planning, and awareness.

In order to delegate effectively, a manager must analyze the work at hand and considering the requirements and skills needed, the time it takes to perform the tasks, and all available resources. This analysis will allow the manager to determine if the work is suitable or not for delegation.

Delegation also requires careful planning. A manager needs to identify capable staff members for the assignment of delegated tasks, set overall guidelines for completion, and then assign the work effectively. Planning is one of the key aspects to being successful. The same goes with delegation. If we don't think about what we are delegating and who we are delegating it to, we could end up giving task to unqualified people.

Managers also need to be aware and to understand the delicate balance of team dynamics. They must delegate work fairly, and implement effective methods to monitor progress. If someone on a team feels like they're carrying the whole team because the brunt of all of the work is delegated to that him / her, it is possible to result in an uncooperative and bitter person in the end. Also, you need to be knowledgeable of the progress of the project. Being aware will protect you as the manager as well as protect the out come of the project.

Lastly, good managers exhibits self confidence and resist the anxiety of having to delegate. They put trust and confidence in others so the staff can evolve and the work can be completed in a timely and productive manner.