The Execution of Mother Earth

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It is the year 5019 and the new era of driving has arrived using magneto plates designed by Michael Ranganzo. He explained that the Earth continuously emits electromagnetic forces into space and these magneto plates repel the force, making the plates go up creating reality for man kind's dream of flying cars.

Instantly all countries have gouged their money on all the magnetic plates, and have permanently cancelled all their contracts with the oil companies in Afghanistan. Thus plunging the country into total turmoil and poverty.

The real problem was with the family that owned all the oil companies in Afghanistan. Ali Ukhamed's family has been put into catastrophic circumstances; ever since the stock market has taken oil off its board then his family had been sitting on a pot of shining junk.

For the last month the Ukhamed's have been living off their savings and scavenging off the streets.

His family had been in alot of financial trouble and borrowed money of some loan sharks even though they knew the dangers.

Ali soon turned to his brother who is a scientist specializing in the field of Geology.

"Brother Zaeed"he called but no one answered,

so he went to the backyard shed where he usually is working. His brother seems to be asleep with his face cocked to the back, when he took a closer he had a bullet wound right in the middle of his eyes and there was a bloody opening at the back of his head where the bullet came out.

He was brutally bound to the chair with ropes; all his fingers were severed from their joints. His feet seemed to have been drilled through by some sort of device which punctured human bone and finally there was an enourmous open wound of his stomach contents,