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Target - District Team Leader

I honestly thought about who I should interview. I thought about doing it with someone who was not in a field that I wish to pursue for my future career. I even thought about well maybe this would be a good way to try something new, since I am a person who tends to go with something safe. I feel like I am not that adventurous, but then I started to do my research and found out some things.

I came to find that I wanted to interview two people. The first person came to my mind was with Target Executive Market Buyer. My goal was eventually to become Buyer for Target and who else would be better to receive information from then that person, but my problem was the Market Buyer is station from Target headquarters. The thing was that Headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so there was no one I was going to be able to get a face to face interview.

There went one interviewee.

I also took a minute and thought that this informational interview is not all lost. Because I have applied to become a Market Buyer Intern this summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota at headquarters. I am crossing my fingers and hope that I will be one of the lucky candidates that will be selected for this excellent internship. So, if I get the position I will take the time when I am out there to interview the Executive Market Buyer.

Then, my next idea came to me. I love their product and thought what a great company this could be if I worked for them. I wanted to interview any top management of Victoria Secrets Company. The same problem arisen with the location. Victoria Secrets headquarters is in...