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Reason why people exercise

Exercise is an activity that requires physical effort. It plays a crucial role in everyone daily life routine. It helps you to enjoy and have a healthy lifestyle. There are several reasons why people do exercise.

First of All, One of the reasons why people start exercising or start going to the gym is health. Workout helps us prevent from heart illnesses. Moreover daily exercise such as jogging, walking, and swimming can lower the blood pressure. It is clear that working out the benefits our fitness a lot.

The next reason why people start training is Self Esteem .These day's society is obsessed with the body looks, so if a person exercises his appearance would improve. Exercise is a mental activity. There have been studies that prove that people who go to the gym have a higher self esteem and confidence level. As Well, it also helps us not likely to have depression and anxiety.

In short, working out increases our self confidence.

Finally, People also workout because of socialize. When we were kids , we use to do an exercise known as 'Play' and that helped us to meet new friends and have more fun . Moreover, Indivuails usually look for buddy while they are working out because it helps them to be motivated. Even people join exercise charity group, so that they can interact with people as well as work out and help the needy ones. In brief, Socializing is an important reason why people exercise.