An Experience That Changed a Belief by Jessica Voice

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An Experience That Affected a BeliefSuffering; there’s no way to escape it. We see it in our everyday lives. We see people in hospitals, people dying, loved ones not being well, kids not having enough to eat, and others who can’t stand to see others with this burden. I’ve heard on the news of how many third world countries don’t have the medicine, food, clothing, or water they need. I never really understood why God would let us suffer like this. I’ve asked myself this many times, that was until something happened in my life that finally made me understand; with suffering comes compassion.

I gaze around the somber clearance, watching the joyless looks on the faces of my family and friends. People were standing around talking and reminiscing on the fond memories of the woman laying there in that pall. The crimson clouds surround her in a deep slumber.

I’d never experienced death so close to me before. Her hair was so perfect and her skin so flawless but her body lacked such fullness. I weep to myself discreetly, wiping my tears as they ran down my cheek. The suffering I felt will never be experienced by another being. No one could feel like I felt. Family members I’ve not seen since a child are embracing my mother and me with their remorseful apologies for our loss. No one will ever know the pain. They tell me how great of a woman she was, but nobody knows better than me. She was more than great. No words could describe just how great she really was. She was everything I needed in a grandmother.

She was the type of person who shared her personality with the world and spread sunshine on the unhappiest people. It hurt me to know...