Explain "Culture of Vicitmization". Discuss 3 reasons for culture of vicitmization. Give your opionons on cultural emphasis on individualism and rights inflation in the US.

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Culture of Victimization is when people portray themselves as the victim instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. One example of this is a case that is happening right here in Midland/ Odessa. A mother and her son, who was raised watching his mother get high all throughout his childhood, began getting high together as he grew older. Recently, they were pulled over in Odessa on the return trip from Arizona; where they had taken a well known drug dealer. After the OPD and DEA agents searched the vehicle, methamphetamines where found in one of the stereo speakers. The mother, whose vehicle it was, and son claimed they had no idea that the drugs were in the vehicle and they must have been the other guys. Once everyone was arrested, the mother and son began to claim that the drugs were planted during the search by the DEA agents.

Now, this mother and son have been getting high together for years and they claim that they took this drug dealer to Arizona because he asked them to and he paid for the gas, but he never told them the reason behind the trip. Then they expect everyone to believe they were victims of some DEA conspiracy. This is a prime example trying to put the blame on someone else instead of taking the responsibility for something that they did.

I believe that one of the main reasons for culture of victimization starts with parents not teaching their children to be responsible; when their kids get into to trouble they more than likely blame someone else, the teacher, classmates or even friends. Maybe it is just that the parents do not want to discipline their kids or that they refuse to admit their kids did something wrong. Either way they...