This explains how chefs do to get started and what they do.

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A chef is a professional cook, who is the head cook in his work field. A chef usually works in a hotel or restaurant. They are various type of chef but the objective is still the same. All chefs prepare and cook food and create delicious and foreign desserts for their customers. They are also cooks with the same objective but not with the same skills, experience, and salary as that of a Chef.

The personal qualities and abilities to add this career successfully are the following. You need to be able to handle food and want to have the desire to cook. You also have to have patience to handle customers and their wishes. To get a Culinary arts degree you can go to Le Cordon de Bleu College for Culinary arts or Johnson and Wales school for Culinary arts. Students need basic food handling, preparation, and cooking skills.

You have to have a high school diploma and pass some tests to get in to colleges of culinary arts.

A chef needs a certificate of experience that the student or chef gets from the college they attended. A chef needs to always work in door and have all his tools and cooking instruments ready. He has to be prepare to work and have his uniform on and properly worn. The chef must know what he is doing. He must know his surroundings like the back of his hand. Also the chef must supervise his co-workers and employees.

A chef usually makes an annual salary range of $40,000 to $120,000. The benefit of being a Chef is that he will have skills to cook delicious food and desserts so then the Chef will not need a wife to cook for him. So when Chef gets home and he...