The Explanation of the disappearance of the first civilizations.

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As I read "The beginning" in my four year old daughters children bible, I wonder exactly how true this version of civilization is. With different myths you see different explanations. I chose to discuss the topic:

Historians have devised various explanations for the appearance of the first civilizations on this planet. Which explanation makes the most sense to you?

Growing up, I was taught the story of Genesis that's found in The King James version of the Bible. The story was told that God came and the earth was empty, he then created a great space and called it the sky. This process of creation took six days, and he went on to make the river and seas, mountains and trees. He then put light in the sky, the sun for daytime and the moon and stars to represent the night. The next day he filled the water with fish and made birds to glide across the sky.

God then made animals and then man (1). The story takes a turn when God creates a man named Adam and provides him with a special helper named Eve. The two lived in a beautiful garden that was filled with trees of fruit of knowledge, both good and evil. God warned them about the evilness in the garden and forbid them to eat from the tree of evil, but Eve was tricked by the temptation of its sweet nectar. Eve even convinced Adam to try the fruit. God was upset with the two and ordered them out the garden, where no one was allowed ever to enter again. Years went by and people seemed to have forgotten about God, but one man remained true to him - Noah. This part of the story is much like the Epic of Gilgamesh (2),