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Christopher Columbus, John Smith, and DaVaca where all great explorers and settlers making great contributions to there generation. Although they explored around the same time and landed in relatively the same place, key differences can be spotted in their testimonies. Nature, people and goods where three of the aspects focussed on in their accounts, reading further you will know the similarities and differences between them.

Nature, which was an important factor in all three of the settler's ideals, was mainly the same in their accounts. For instance, Columbus goes on to explain that the New World is an absolute epitome of beauty. He describes fish of unbelievable colors, and trees that are tall and majestic. All three explorers carry this main idea, of the beauty of nature.

On the other hand, ideas about the native population differentiate greatly from each other. John Smith states the need to convert them to Christianity and that without this conversion they are animals.

On the other had DaVaca states that the natives are a group of incorrigible untamed savages beyond the point of reform.

Goods, as it is today was very important aspect of basic survival in the 15th century. In fact goods or material possessions was the main reason for coming to the New World. DaVaca immediately realized the wealth to be gained from the native inhabitants. They had hordes of weapons and food just waiting to be traded or taken. Smith one the other hand was more focussed on the food aspect of the goods around him, rather the weapons. He saw great potential in hunting and trapping that could be found or done in the area. Columbus also commented on the fruits to be found in the many trees around him.

Even though these accounts and explorations happened over 500 years ago, there repercussions on society can still be felt today. Looking around you, do you realize that everything you have in life is partially due to these great men? Even though their ideas of the New World differ, their impact on modern society will never change.