Export Plan for Web Solutions - isp-internet service provider (Web Solutions is a made-up company)

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The mission of Web Solutions is to provide customers with a complete solution to all their current and future Internet and private network needs.

Expenses: Costs:

Advertising: $50,000

Legal Fees: $10,000

Office: $40,000

Working Capital :$100,000

Miscellaneous: $50,000

Sub-total: $250,000

Product Development: $1,250,000


Web Solutions has established a reputation for quality work and plans to continue to enhance its image in the industry. The company seeks to become a well-known and respected provider of advanced network solutions by:

* Increasing service offerings.

* Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers.

* Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers.


The Web Solutions strategy is to achieve name recognition and attract customers by aggressively pricing its services. Once customers have been acquired, the company will seek to offer them additional services which will increase margins and provide them with useful solutions they would not otherwise find.

The company will also implement a low-cost strategy. This will be achieved by working to establish and develop agreements with local media companies to exchange services for discounted advertising and other exposures. Web Solutions' market strategy is to build on its core portfolio of products and services using the company's expertise in the ISP industry.

The company will leverage its discounted services to help provide secondary income streams. For instance, the company plans to launch free email services, business directories, and other similar services which will attract current and potential customers to our Web pages. These "page views" will be used to generate advertising revenue, as well as increase exposure of our own products and services.

Web Solutions will be able to excel in the market because the company is small, highly focused, and motivated. The company can respond quickly to changing opportunities and take...