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Jordan Raulerson

Professor Bloodworth

English 1010

11 September 2014

Pregnant at 16

My day began like any other, I got ready for work and everything was fine. When I got to Bocelli, a small hometown restaurant, it was busy from the Horse Show season so I jumped right into the hustle and bustle of everything. Running crazy from getting drinks, orders, food and cleaning off tables I never realized how light headed I had started to get. After a little while, right in the middle of a super busy lunch, I passed out cold. Right in the middle of the kitchen where everybody could see me. I was so embarrassed. Everyone rushed over to help me up, and when I came to, I was sitting with Kandi, my manager. As soon as she told me she had already called my mom, I passed out again.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in the car with my mom, "Mom, where are we going? What happened?"

"I'm taking you to the hospital honey, you passed out and I just want to make sure you're okay."

We arrive at the hospital and they got me into a room quickly to get my head examined. The nurse came in to take me to get a MRI. I was terrified not knowing what was wrong with me. The MRI took no time at all, and then I was back in my room. My dad had shown up while I was with the nurse and my mom had called Will, my boyfriend, to let him know what had happened. Will was driving down to the hospital from school in Murfreesboro.

There were nurses coming in and out taking my blood, checking my vital signs and making sure my headache wasn't getting worse.