False Love part 1

Essay by vampire-chick September 2004

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False Love part 1

"Damn, why did I do that?" Heather said to herself. She looked at the view around her. "It's so peaceful here, I wish I could enjoy it better." Heather leaned on the balcony rail. "Why did I have to fall in love with that creep? Nick I hate you! Yet I still love you." She stared at the setting sun. A tear drop went down her cheek. "I should be going inside now." Heather said to herself.

She walked into her room and sat in front of the mirror. "What's wrong with me? Why did he just leave like that?" Heather started to comb her dark brown hair. She stared at herself in the mirror. She was very beautiful. She had dark brown eyes, pale skin, small red lips, and dark brown hair that reached her nipples.

"Heather, you got a phone call." It was her mother.

"OK, mom I'll take it up here." Heather picked up the phone, "Hello."

"Hey! How are you, we haven't seen you in ages." It was Diana. "Sorry, I haven't called you, I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel so tired lately." "You poor dear, listen, Sara is having a party are you still going?" "I don't think so." "Why not!?! You have to go, come on Heather, please, do it for Sara." "I don't know, let me think about it." "No, if you won't drive over here then I'm going to drag you out of your house and take you." I laughed, "Okay okay, I'll go. Only because you asked me so nicely." I heard her laugh. "I'll see you in 30 minutes okay." "Okay, bye." "Bye." I hung up and went into the bathroom.

I took off my nightgown and turned on the hot water.