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There have been many changes in the family that have influenced society. Divorce has become a widely accepted issue. It's no longer frowned upon because it is common in the average Canadian family lifestyle. Things like infidelity, abuse, incompatibility, and unwillingness to compromise are some of the common problems that families stumble on. Those things are troubles or personal problems people have as individuals. They are things that contribute to divorces. However, they alone do not answer for the trends and increasing numbers in divorces over the last 100 years. Issues are problems facing a society as a group. Things like divorce or the numbers of hate crimes or abortion are issues that our society faces today. When other people notice that divorce is an okay thing, they won't hesitate to get a divorce. This will then lead to the acceptance of divorce meanwhile people should think clearly before getting married so families are not torn.

Divorce and separation has replaced death as the most common cause of the removal of a parent from a child's family household. The size of the average Canadian family is 2-4 children. However, there are those individuals who want a large family. Some families are not ready to handle more children or more responsibility, but because their "neighbor" has a seemingly healthy lifestyle with 6 children it must be okay to do. Families must discuss and understand the financial situation, responsibility, and time. It's quite easy to see someone else dealing with a large family, but what they don't see is what causes most of the problems. If these terms are not discussed, divorce can be an issue and even more people are hurt. Family and personal relationships are crucial to the quality of life and health of individuals and to...