Famous People of the 1960s

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The 1960s was an era of change and cultural uprising. It was an era filled with conflicts and challenges both politically and economically. The people of that time period were forced to 'overcome' such obstacles despite the pressures and countless social resistance. For these reasons, we chose the song titled, "We Shall Overcome" by Peter, Paul and Mary, since it so clearly depicts the image of what individuals from John F. Kennedy to Walt Disney had to go and the struggles they had to overcome.

In order to start off with a catchy note, we decided to use John F. Kennedy as the starting individual of this great era. Kennedy was an influential leader in the Cold War struggle. Starting with his victory over Nixon with running mate Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy became the symbol of the people. It is no wonder that the lyrics in the song, "We are not afraid today" reflect Kennedy's own courage and determination.

The next famous person chronologically and historically is Lyndon B. Johnson who becomes President after Kennedy's assassination. Even though Johnson dragged on the Vietnam War, he tried to help his country by establishing the "Great Society" program. Johnson's program to help the needy and the poor in the country reflected the key lyrics of the song, "We'll walk hand in hand someday". This applies for the country during that era and in some level, even applies for the war in Vietnam, right into Nixon's presidency and his resignation after the Watergate Scandal.

"We'll walk hand in hand someday", also brings up another significant person of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, jr., the most important Civil Rights leader of that time who cried out for racial equality in spite of other people's views and virtues. It can even be...