How far do you accept the belief that if crime is rising, it is because people today lack a clear understanding of right and wrong?

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I totally disagree with this statement, and therefore feel that crime is not rising as a result of today's generation lacking an understanding of what is right and wrong. Rather, I feel that the apparent rise in crime in our society can be attributed to a number of other and notably less derogatory factors.

Firstly, the nature of reporting crime has transformed tremendously over the past years, thus appearing to inflating crime figures to all new boundaries. People nowadays, unlike in the past have to obtain crime reference numbers in order to claim on their respective insurance policies. Therefore, with more insurance policies being taken out on newer, more expensive products such as mobile phones which nearly everyone has (as a result of our societies becoming more technologically advanced), when these go missing, the crime has to be reported for the owner to be given a replacement by the insurance company.

Thus, as result crime appearing to rise, but only out of necessity to replace the product due to the insurance companies request for crime reference numbers, unlike in the past.

In addition, even the introduction of new technology within the police service can be attributed to the evident rise in crime: for example, the introduction of computerised crime logging as a result of technological advances could result in the improved recording of minor incidents, that were otherwise forgot about in the past.

Furthermore, the changing attitudes of some people who feel criminal activities such as smoking cannabis should no longer be perceived as an immoral or anti-social activity, will also result in increased crime figures when their is no subsequent major change stating otherwise in the law. While on the other hand, behaviour that was previously ignored or regarded as benign - like dropping litter, when backed up...